• Aug - Sep 2015

Europe’s biggest Personal Shopping Service building the future of menswear shopping.


The main focuses of my work at Outfittery was on attracting new users and guiding them through the sign-up funnel to make sure we could gather the essential details needed for account creation alongside basic information required for creating a user personalised style profile. This process touched on:

  • A full UX audit of the existing funnel alongside competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • Designing a funnel which gathered input from the user in a way that made sense, was engaging, and which required the minimum amount of time and effort be invested
  • Creating visually appealing landing pages that quickly communicated the Outfittery concept and allowed a clear path to open a new Outfittery account

Analysis of Existing Experience

I evaluated the potential friction points and areas for improvement in the existing funnel then presented the results to the product team responsible for initial onboarding. As a team, we discussed the points and came up with some ideas on how to improve the most important area. We decided to focus on:

  • Stripping down the information required in this first step to the bare minimum needed by stylists to start a user style profile as well as details needed for the initial account creation
  • Improving the sense of place and progress in the funnel to make sure new users know what information they will need to supply upfront and to give them a rough idea of how long the process will take
  • Making the process more conversational and giving a sense of talking to a real stylist. To begin with this would be a few minimal copy and UI changes but could extend to a more chat like funnel in future
  • Provide targeted landing pages to drive traffic to the new funnel

Initial concepts

Once the insights from the team were gathered I started to put together some ideas for the landing pages and funnel improvements, first with sketches and notes and then in wireframe.

We started with ideas for news landing page structures as they were often to the first point of contact for new users. I wanted to move away from the existing generic template used for featured outfits and create something more visual and that highlighted the clothing.

* The concept for a new landing page which was structured to highlight key outfits and draw attention to the individual pieces

As well as the landing pages we began looking at new concepts for the funnel itself. This process required a minimum amount of data input from potential users so we wanted to make that process as smooth and painless as possible. In practice, this meant reducing questions to the bare essentials with the option to supply extra info, providing clearer indicators of progress, and adding more guidance in the form of a stylist avatar.

* We took the existing required information and simplified its messaging and inputs alongside adding better wayfinding elements

The Result

Once we'd mapped out the structure I began to explore some approaches for making a more usable section with wireframes. This included various approaches from a fully an improved interactive calendar to replace the existing version to taking the calendar out completely and trying a minimal, less visual approach.

This process went through various iterations and covered several related elements in that section.

/ Funnel

* The new funnel featured the stylist avatar asking the questions along with clear progress markers and bolder, touch-friendly options for mobile.

/ Outfit landing page

* New landing pages were designed to highlight the outfit chosen by the featured stylist as well as allowing access to more information about Outfittery