Marley Spoon Now

Landing page design for the brand new Marley Spoon Now business concept, a version of the service currently planned for Central London. Users can order meals which are be delivered on the same day. This page was to split the UK traffic and offer users based in that area the potion of using the Now service as well as introducing and explaining the concept.

Menu section for new look homepage

We were looking at options for displaying all of that week's meals in a way that wasn't repetative and allowed other content to be featured as needed. I used a card based layout and designed a responsive grid which would allow for 7 meals to be displayed along side elements to encourage newsletter signup, recipe tips and app downloads.

Wireframes of account page

The concept for the page was to allow the user to manage the meals they recieve. Marley Spoon offer 7 meal options per week and, based on the users food preferences, they automatically suggest 2 meals to be delivered that week. This section allows the user to add and remove meals, change portion numbers and amend delivery dates and times and required the concepting of various scenarios and combinations of elementsas well as the writing of clear micro copy to clearly communicate to users their current status and next steps.

User onboarding screen flow
Checkout 1st time use to explain new subscription model
Additional UI icons drawn in Sketch

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